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                            Hanxiao Zhang
                          Lead Coordinator



At CUDYLL Securities, we understand your need for efficiency, performance, and transparency in both process and economics. Our services and innovative tools provide a complete solution that is unrivaled in the industry. CUDYLL Securities instills confidence in our clients, including proprietary traders, professional investors, market makers, and hedge [more] funds.

Direct Market Access

CUDYLL Securities provides a global market access, technical expertise, and integration with order management systems. Therefore, CUDYLL Securities is the best choice for your direct market access needs. We are consistently a high volume provider to all major exchanges, which enables us to help reduce execution costs and increase rebate income.


Our in-house technology development team ensures that we stay ahead of the curve and highly responsive to our your needs. We provide custom solutions to optimize our trade reconciliation and settlement process, compliance reporting, risk management, and third party integration.

Risk Management

To carefully monitor the exposure to market risk and regulatory concerns, we utilize industry leading realtime risk management controls.

Our experienced team works closely with you to provide insight and 'how-to' consulting.

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