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                            Hanxiao Zhang
                          Lead Coordinator



We offer a comprehensive suite of customizable investment strategy, portfolio and risk management, direct market access and performance management and back office (e.g. real-time compliance and credit risk management tools) techology solutions. These in-house and third party solutions, combined with our extensive industry experience and global network, allows you to spend less time worrying about your operation and more time focusing on your client relationships.


We welcome the opportunity to showcase our customizable solutions and to learn how we can be of assistance. As active participants on all major international exchanges, we are well-positioned to execute on your needs.


All of our technology solutions are designed with productivity and efficiency in mind. We focus on in-house development to ensure that we offer the highest quality and most dynamic products in the marketplace. Wedbush products, Broker InsightTM and ClientLinkTM, provide exceptional account management tools that are in demand by reps and clients alike.


We provide best practice consulting for broker-dealers and funds of all sizes. Additionally, you will find strengths in cash management services, performance reporting tools, and trading expertise in equities, options, and taxable and tax-free fixed income.

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