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                            Hanxiao Zhang
                          Lead Coordinator



CUDYLL provides access to mutual fund families with availability surpassing well over 10,000 stock, bond, and diversified funds. These come in multiple varieties and share classes to meet your needs.

Stock Funds

CUDYLL offers access to a wide array of stock funds, offering active ad passive geographical and sector allocations and of course both actively and passively managed funds.

Bond Funds

Many different types of bond funds are also provided by CUDYLL, ranging from U.S. Government to Emerging Market bond funds and passively and actively managed funds.

Diversified Funds

Different types of diversified funds are also provided by CUDYLL, ranging from regional to globally diversified stocks and bond funds as well as passively and actively managed funds.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

CUDYLL provides access to virtually all exchange-traded funds. These funds offer the trading of a diversified "basket" of stocks, which reflects the performance of a market index, industry, sector, style or region - all in one security.

Closed-End Funds

CUDYLL clients are able to purchase closed-end funds from any category or sector they wish, and can typically trade them like common stocks.

Specialty Funds

Unlike strictly stock or bond funds, which can have a singular investment focus, CUDYLL also offers access to a multitude of unique and varied mutual funds--some even focused on a specific industry.

Investment Plans

Saving for a college education has become much more attractive to Americans since the creation of this tax-advantaged investment vehicle over a decade ago. Each state sponsors the 529 Plans, primarily through the use of mutual funds. Any of these plans are available to CUDYLL clients.

Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)

CUDYLL is a distributor of Unit Investment Trusts. These focus on market sector, corporate bonds, treasury bonds and more.

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